End of EARTH – But We’re Still Working for You!

19 Dec

So, officially EARTH is done.  But, we would like to continue to support science teachers with a few opportunities.

Here (Presenter List for Classrooms) and on the “Teacher Resource” page I have a list of local environmental professionals who are willing to come out to your school to do hands-on activities with your students; putting the real-world touch to their classroom work.

Because we will not have the EARTH Workshop this year, if you’re still looking for a science field trip try one of these spots:

  1. WATER Center – interactive educational activities on water and related topics.  Free!  Contact Libby Albers, lalbers@wichita.gov, 316-350-3386.
  2. Great Plains Nature Center – educational activities, hikes, etc.  They can include almost any topic or cover lots of standards.  Just let them know what you’re looking for.  Free!  Ask about bus stipends.  Contact Joyce Lent, Joyce@gpnc.org, 316-683-5499.  Call early, it fills up fast!
  3. PRo Kansas Miller Recycling Center – For those that want tours at the recycle center contact Beth at education@recyclewichita.orgFREE!
  4. Sedgwick County Zoo – Don’t just go to observe, set up a program with the Cargill Learning Center and get more out of your Zoo visit than ever before.  Contact the Chaille, zoo’s middle and high school education specialist, at  cblount@scz.org or (316) 266-8213.  The Zoo does have a cost, but here’s a Great Deal: if you plan your field trip on a Wednesday in the Winter (now through March) you can get in for $2.50/student.  Every other day is $4.25/student for Title 1 schools, and $5.25/student for all other schools.

Hope you can take your kids out to any of these places to start making connections between what you’re doing in the classroom to the world outside the school walls.  All of these field trip options would be excellent learning opportunities for your students.


Young Reporters Needed

15 Oct

Young Reporters for the Environment USA

NWF’s Eco-Schools USA team is delighted to be bringing the international Young Reporters for the Environment program to the United States this year. The Young Reporters for the Environment USA competition engages middle and high school students in environmental journalism. Youth between the ages of 13-18 can submit an article, photo or video related to the environment for a chance to win great prizes plus national and international recognition. Find out how to participate.

Enhancing Schoolyard Habitats for Teaching

11 Oct

Get kids outdoors to learn!

National Wildlife Federation has an ongoing series of resources designed to help you take learning outside,  Enhancing Schoolyard Habitats for Teaching is online.  Discover how to effectively use your Schoolyard Habitat or outdoor classroom to teach STEM, English or any other subject. The featured speaker Dr. Herbert Broda is Professor of Education at Ashland University and author of the books Schoolyard-Enhanced Learning and Moving the Classroom Outdoors. There are many Schoolyard Habitat site enhancements that can be added to school grounds to facilitate outdoor instruction and overcome potential stumbling blocks to taking learning outside.  There are also tips for working with children in the outdoors.

Urban Environmental Education Workshops

9 Oct

Check out KACEE’s upcoming Urban EE workshops.


Think Outside the Classroom – Target Field Trip Grants

27 Aug

Apply now for a bus stipend for the EARTH Workshop here at the “Think Outside the Classroom” Target Field Trip Grant.

Save the date for the EARTH Workshop in Sedgwick Co on April 23, 2013!