The Story of Soil – Soil Education Resources

15 Nov

Need a little somthing to spice up your soil science lessons?

CLick here to find three public service announcements produced by the Soil Science Society of America to increase public awareness of our soil resource. Materials were developed as part of the 75th anniversary celebration for the society.  Three themes are covered: water quality, human health, and food security.

Both English and Spanish versions are available.  You can order FREE “I Heart Soil” stickers for your class by emailing

  • The “Water Quality” video would be a perfect introduction or summary for the EARTH Soil as a Filter or Aquifers and Nonpoint Pollution lessons. 
  • The “Food Security” video would work for the EARTH Cycle/Recycle lesson or something on nutrition or where food comes from.
  • The “Human Health” video could be a summary to the EARTH Soil Building and Mini-Composting lesson something to include during the EARTH Habitats for Sale lesson or could be a topic for the Issue and Trends lesson

Share here, by commenting on this blog post, how you plan to or have used these videos in your classroom with your students.  I will put the link to these videos on the teacher resource page so you can find them easily in the future.


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